Calculation of carrier frequency and modulating frequency in FM wave

For a FM signal v(t) = 15 cos ( 10* 108t + 10 sin 1220t), calculate

Carrier frequency
Modulating frequency


a) 159.1MHz, 194.1Hz
b) 185.5MHz, 200.15Hz
c) 350.1MHz, 200.1Hz
d) 159.1Hz, 194.1Hz

Correct Answer: a) 159.1MHz, 194.1Hz


Standard expression for FM signal is given by
v(t) = A cos ( ωct + mf sin ωmt)
comparing with the given equation,
Carrier frequency is given by fc = 10* 108/2Π
= 159.1MHz
Modulating frequency is given by fm = 1220/2Π
= 194.1Hz
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