Calsoft Placement Paper - Selection Process and Test Pattern

About Calsoft

Founded in 1988, headquartered in San Jose, California, US, Calsoft is a software product engineering services company specializing in storage, networking, virtualization and cloud business verticals. The company provides end-to-end product development, quality assurance sustenance, solution engineering and professional services expertise to assist customers in achieving their product development and business goals.

This article helps you to get a fair idea about the selection process of campus placement at Calsoft.

Selection process at Calsoft

The selection process of Calsoft has three rounds:

1. Aptitude Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

Eligibility Criteria:
  • 65 % throughout in 10th, 12th, graduation and post-graduation.
  • No backlogs are allowed.
The first round is aptitude test which contains three sections i.e quantitative aptitude, technical and coding section.

Quantitative aptitude questions are based on mathematics such as speed, age, probability, work and time, heights and distance, pipes and cisterns, coding and decoding. And some questions are asked from logical reasoning and verbal ability. There is a negative marking in the test, so make sure that while attempting the questions answer.

Technical section includes the questions from programming languages such C, C++, Java, Data Structure, Database, Operating System, computer networking etc. In coding section, there are three programming sections and the total time allotted to this section is 2 hours. Candidate can choose any language to write these programs as per their choice.

Some of the sample questions are asked in aptitude test,

1. Hayat and Murat can finish a piece of work in 30 days, Murat and Zeenat can finish it in 15 days, Zeenat and Hayat in 10 days. Time taken by them together to do this work is _____.

2. A tank is filled by Pipe A and Pipe B together in 2.4 hours. Pipe A alone can fill the tank at the rate of 100 litres per hour. Pipe B alone can fill the tank in 4 hours. What is the capacity of the tank?

Technical Interview Questions asked at Calsoft

In technical interview, the questions are asked on your academic projects and the technical skills that you have mentioned in your resume. And also some questions are asked on Networking protocols. All you need is very good preparation of technical skills and have confidence in yourself. Be confident about your project and explain it clearly.

Some of the sample questions are asked at technical interview,

1. What is a virtual destructor?

2. What is NetBIOS protocol?

3. What is IGMP protocol?

HR Interview Questions asked at Calsoft

The final round is HR interview. Be confident, but don't be over confident. Try to speak more and relevant to the question.

Some of the sample questions are asked in HR interview,

1. Why does this role interest you?

2. Why haven’t you got a job yet?

3. Would you like to work in a team or on your own?
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