Can I pursue CA with ICWA? How much time will it take altogether?

Can I pursue CA with ICWA? How much time will it take altogether?

Of course you can pursue CA with ICWA as both the courses are related to the accounting profession and subjects are also similar. Most of the subjects are common to both the courses. The only difference is that both the courses have their own area of specialization. All effort is yours so with systematic and planned study can help you get through both these courses easily.

Examination dates never clash for both the examinations. You should make your approach a little practical and should attempt these two courses along with the formal graduation course.

How is it possible?

Prepare for the subjects that are common to both at a depth as this will lessen your time of studying modules of both exams separately. Concepts and theories of accounting will not change in any circumstance, only the examination orientation will change but that you can manage by solving model papers and past question papers.

ICWA is related to in depth study of the cost and management accounting whereas Chartered Accountancy is related to the in depth study of financial accounting , auditing and tax aspects. If you think you have the ability, aptitude, and you can make a sincere effort and time to justify both the courses together you can surely do that.

If your look out is to work for manufacturing company Cost Accountancy is the best thing to go for as it provides an ample opportunity to work on controlling costs using the accounting techniques, also CA course gives an opportunity to study Cost and management accountancy.

How much time required for the completion of the course?

If you are opting CA you need to clear the Final Exam, complete three years of articled training and also undertake a 15-day general management and communication skills course. ICWA is a multiple-entry course. A foundation level entrant may take a minimum of three years to complete the course if he clears the exam of each stage in one attempt.
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