Can you tell me about the most exciting aspect of your job?

Can you tell me about the most exciting aspect of your job?

Answer: The purpose of this question is to see how excited you are about the things you do and your inclination towards any particular thing.

To answer this question, discuss about the important things that you do in your job and then go on to explain any particular thing that you like to do the most. Also, explain the reasons behind liking that particular activity.

For e.g. “Being in the field of marketing – some of my important responsibilities are getting the collaterals developed, interacting with the online and print media, crafting effective marketing messages, training the new recruits etc. Having an interest in training – I find, training the new recruits and getting them hit the road most exciting.”

This tells the recruiter that given a job to manage a team of new recruits, you will be able to handle them well.
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  • RE: Can you tell me about the most exciting aspect of your job? -Farhana Afreen (06/23/15)
  • Absolutely meant to check your interest in the position you have applied to. Lack of enthusiasm will get you nowhere so be prepared with the answer about things that you find exciting in your job. You might loathe your work life as much as you want inside but since you do want the job, you need to play happy and interested always.

    Begin by saying that the very reason you chose this career is your special interest in any particular aspect. Tell them how you enjoy doing what you do at work and why you find it particularly appealing to you. Your body language should agree with the enthusiasm you are showing on face and you must sound excited too just like you would when your favourite sport is being discussed.

    If you have taken special courses or trainings to improvise in that aspect of your work, feel free to share since they will absolutely buy the idea that you are enthusiastic about that aspect. Make sure that the aspect is of importance in the job description of the position for which you are being interviewed. All they want to know is how your enthusiasm will benefit their company.