Canara Bank Selection Procedure and Questions

Canara Bank Selection Procedure and Questions

Canara Bank founded by Shri Ammembal Subba Rao Pai and established in Mangalore inhabits an imperative position in the community of Indian banks. The bank has carved its niche not only in commercial banking but also in Corporate Social Responsibility, promoting rural development and has also tied up with various colleges and joint ventures to expand its wings.

The selection procedure at Canara Bank is observed to be of two stages beginning with a written test. The questions in the written test are based on quantitative and Reasoning Questions. Questions on interest, integers, relationships, and number series were observed. Few of the questions observed in the written test are:

1. 19(12)*19(8) / (19)?

a. 8
b. 12
c. 6
d. 24
e. None of the above

If today is Thursday then the day after 59 days will be?

a. Wednesday
b. Sunday
c. Monday
d. Tuesday

Once you clear the written test you are then called for a final round of interview. How you fare in both the written test as well as the interview is the deciding factor for your selection in Canara bank. As the written test judges you knowledge the interview is conducted to judge your communication, attitude and problem solving skills.

Some candidates also ask, when being interviewed what are the main qualities that the interviewer looks for in a suitable candidate? The main qualities are clarity in thinking of the candidate, i.e. you should not be confused, conceptual understanding of issues, communication skills, personality, i.e. what you are wearing, how are you conversing, general knowledge, career goals, how do you react in a particular situation.

Some of the questions asked by the interviewers in previous years are:

• Tell me something about yourself?

• How many family members do you have and what do they do?

• Describe yourself as an individual; give the details which are not mentioned in your CV?

• Why is there a gap in your education(if a gap is reflecting in your CV)

• What are the other areas where you have applied for a job apart from banking?

• Have you come across any situation where you had to handle the situation tactfully?

• What are the significant trends that you see in the future for the banking industry as well as Canara bank?

• Have you had any work experience or internships that you have done during your college? Share your experiences on the same.

• Why did you choose for general banking instead of any specialist officer post?

• If you are given an option to work in ICIC, Microsoft, Nokia, which company would you prefer to work with and why?

• Where would you like to relocate in any of our branches?

• As per your thinking, what are the qualities that a person requires to be a good banker?

• What is your opinion on girls joining in banking sector is it beneficial for them or for that matter for anybody else, especially once you get married and your spouse is not of the
same field. How will you manage?

• How will you manage to perform in stressful conditions and situations, justify your answer?

• What details are you aware about our bank?

• How many bank interviews have you attended so far?

• Give me 4 strengths and 4 weaknesses of yours.

• How do you think will your education help you to perform in the banking sector?

• Why do you want to settle for low salaries in banks when MNC’s are paying comparatively more than banks?

• On what grounds shall we select you?

• What will be your next course of action if you do not get selected in Canara bank?

It is also observed that there are certain banking terms which are usually asked in the interview round and you have to explain the meaning of those terms, they are:

• Mutual funds
• Consumer credit card
• Sovereign wealth fund
• Bank rate
• Cash reserve ratio
• Repo rate
• Statutory liquid ratio
• Marginal standing facility
• Reverse repo rate
• Nationalised Bank
• Scheduled bank
• Poverty line
• Why are banks nationalised?
• Privatization
• Assets
• Multiple Credit Creation
• Fixed time deposits
• Deposits
• Demand deposits
• Stale cheque
• Currency chest
• Inflation
• Limited liability
• Demand Draft

The best way that you can prepare for the interview is to be thorough with the above mentioned banking terms as well as the other topics related to banking. You also need to be dressed formally. The way you enter the room and greet the interviewers leaves an impression on the mind of the interviewer and they start judging you right from there. Hence you need to be aware of your body language and sitting postures, the kind of language that you use during the interview and the way you behave with your interviewers carries a lot of importance. You need to be formal along with fluent English will leave a positive and long lasting impact on the interviewer.

Lastly be confident, but beware to not be over confident and over smart, this could have a negative impression on the interviewer.
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