Capgemini verbal questions and answers

Hi All,

Capgemini visited our college campus for placments.They started with a PPT talk and went on to conduct the written test followed by GD and HR Interview. Before the test I was trying to find out the various type of questions they ask in written test. So, I thought of sharing the questions I could remember from our paper with you all. Since the questions are from my memory, they may not be absolutely same word by word but they will give you a good idea about the pattern of questions asked.

1. Comprehension followed by some questions.

2. Spot the error:
When I heard his knock (1), I went to the door (2)/ and opened it (3)/ but I was not recognise him (4)/ No error (5)

3. Fill in the blanks
The usually --- father shocked us by reacting violently to the insignificant and moderate comments of his younger brother.
a. demanding b. inarticulate c. aggressive d. persuasive e. composed

4. Synonyms:
a.) original b.) imitation c.) dangerous d.) insidious

I hope these are useful to some other aspirants like me.
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