Career areas and earning potential for Bioinformatics professionals

What are the specific career areas and the work involved in them in Bioinformatics?

Some of the careers which a Bioinformatics graduate can specifically work in are sequence assembly, Database design and maintenance, sequence analysis, study of proteins, clinical pharmacologist, computational chemist, Bio-analytics etc.

In these specific areas the professionals have to work on the drug design utilizing 3-D structure modeling an computational chemistry, comparing genetic data between and within species, genomic analysis to find drug targets, characterization of proteins and their interactions, prediction of function of genes and proteins based on sequence and structural data etc.

Which are the various companies where a Bioinformatics professional can look for employment?

There are various private organizations, academic universities and government institutions which conducts research and other Bioinformatics related tasks. India is one of the leading employment provider centers for Bioinformatics graduates and the main cities to look out for employment in this sector are Banglore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad etc.
Companies like Satyam, Wipro, TCS, Reliance, Accelrys, and IBM Life Sciences etc. are some of the leading job providers for Bioinformatics graduates.
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