Career avenues that are there in the field of Business Administration

I am interested to know the various career avenues that are there in the field of Business Administration.

Business management is one of the most sought after careers, and a wide range of opportunities are available for Business Administration graduates. It is easy to get managerial or executive jobs for those who hold business degrees especially an MBA degree. And from this executive post one has an opportunity to climb the ladder and occupy the top most positions in the company. As many MNC's are coming up and Indian companies are going for joint ventures, there are ample career options in this field.

The major job prospects in the field of management are:

A Marketing manager is one who manages the marketing techniques such as advertising, distributing and selling of a product to the clients properly. Understanding the four Ps well that are product, price, placement or distribution, and promotion or publicity is a major task of a marketing manager. A Financial manager has the responsibility of managing the capital (finance) of the company. As a financial manager you should be very clear about the budgeting of the company. A Human Resource Manager is one of the most important persons of an organization as he manages the manpower of the company. Recruitment, training, induction, employee benefit administration, performance appraisal are some of the major responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager of the company. An Operations Manager is one who manages of the resources, goods and service. Apart from these major areas, there are several specialised areas like Information Technology, Hospitality, Tourism and Pharma Management.

MBA graduates with B-Tech background are highly in demand than the other degree holders. Many Indian and foreign companies conduct campus placements in the business schools so that the students can straight away join any company as soon as they complete their course. One could also choose the field of teaching as the Business schools are mushrooming rapidly. Setting up one's own business is another option for the graduate as he has sufficient knowledge about the industry through his education.

A good GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) score is needed for better placement and exposure in countries outside India. It is the standardized test required for doing MBA or PhD in Business Management or any other graduate management programmes from a business school in US, Europe and Canada. Some of the foreign institutes prefer TOEFL and IELTS scores.
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