Career in Electronic Media - eligibility and course details

I have done my 10+2 and now want to pursue a course in electronic media. Can I have details of the course and also the eligibility criteria?

Electronic media has led to a lot of advancement and changes all around the world, which has increased the opportunities for students interested in this field. As far as the Electronic Media course is concerned Indian colleges and universities offer a great deal of standard of education.

Electronic Media course is designed in such a way that it aims at providing professional training and knowledge, technical excellence and commercial advantages. It makes students aware of technical and practical aspects of Television Journalism. It develops ability of assessment and analysis of the events happening around us.

It involves tasks like writing scripts, reporting, voice modulation, anchoring, radio jockeying. It also develops skills to understand job prospects in the field of Radio, News portals, Film and Television and so on.

You can pursue B.Sc. in Electronic Media which is for about 3 years and the eligibility criterion for this course is 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology\Maths as main subjects.
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