Career in Horticulture

What is Horticulture? What does a career in this field entail?

• It is a practical discipline, which depends on on many other fields such as chemistry, physics, engineering, art, meteorology, economics, entomology, botany and many more.

• A Horticulturist utilises the simple principles of these related sciences and tries to find an application for these ideas for the benefit the environment.

• It is the best choice for people who have a love for nature and greenery.

• Horticulture industry encompasses various fields such as
- fruit and vegetable industry,
- spice industry,
- floriculture industry,
- gardening
- nursery industry

• They work and conduct research in various areas of the field, to
- improve crop yield,
- quality,
- nutritional value,
- resist insects, diseases, and stress related to the environment
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