Career in Pet Grooming - options and opportunities

Career in Pet Grooming - options and opportunities- Introduction, options, opportunities, courses, institutes, exams etc.
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  • Pet Grooming - Eligibility, institutes and prospects -Soliya Dantas (02/26/15)
  • Pet Grooming - Eligibility, institutes and prospects

    A pet groomer is an important member of a pet's health care team. They can sense potential problems in the pet at an early stage. They understand the behavior of the pet along with the anatomy which helps them detect problems. This is a very attractive career for animal lovers.

    Is there a formal degree required to become a pet groomer?

    It is not necessary to obtain a formal degree and it is not very common to find a course for pet grooming. Although there are a few training programs available online, most of the individuals have gained their skill set through on-job training. Pet groomers who wish to own their salons may benefit from some training in the basics of business management as well.

    What personal skills are required to become a pet groomer?

    Obviously love and patience for pets is the most important quality of a pet groomer. However, pet grooming is not an easy task, since you never know the behavior pattern of pets. Some pets can be very easy whereas some can be extremely uncooperative making things difficult. You must very well know how to handle the pets So you must be familiar with all the breeds which will help you get to know the traits of each breed. You must be proficient with a variety of brushes, electric clippers and grooming tools and other health care products. All in all in order to make a career in pet grooming, you must be able to have dedication and genuine love for animals.

    What is required to set up our own grooming salon?

    If you are interested in setting up your own pet grooming salon, you must have a good experience in grooming pets along with having a good understanding of the concept of grooming. Maintaining hygiene standards and using good products is essential. Lastly you must make it a point to hire people who are equally good with pets and can handle them well. Some courses available also cover management and business skills that are necessary to run your own pet salon.

    If not our own set up, who could be the potential employers?

    Groomers can find jobs at shops, kennels, pet stores and veterinary clinics. Many a times, pet groomers own their own grooming salon. Other than these, animal hospitals, shelters, up-scale hotels and resorts are some places a pet groomer can find employment.
    Animal rescue centres, zoos and wildlife parks are some places you can get employed. A pet sitter is something that is gaining a lot of importance. A lot of people are in a need to have pet sitters for their pets in the time that they have to travel or are unavailable.

    Where can I find courses for pet grooming?

    • Scoopy Scrub, New Delhi offers a 20 days course after which if found competent, will be awarded a certificate.
    • Fuzzy Wuzzy Pet Grooming School, Banaglore conducts two levels- basic and advanced.