Career in Surveying - options and opportunities

Career in Surveying - options and opportunities- Introduction, options, opportunities, courses, institutes, exams etc.
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  • Introduction

    Surveying is a science of measuring the distance, position and angles of earthly surface. It is generally used for making boundaries and land maps. Surveyor is someone who is responsible for accurately measuring land in order to plot out exact locations and distance between points. These people are expert in measurement systems. Surveyors use elements of geometry, trigonometry, mathematics, engineering, physics and law. This profession is suitable for the candidates with analytical thinking with an interest in spatial information and discovery of the new world.

    Performance and growth of industry in India

    Surveying is an essential element in the development of the human environment since the beginning of recorded history. With the passage of time, the role of land surveyors has broadened than past. Commercialization and boom in real estate has increased demand for surveyor jobs for graduates in India.

    Options and Opportunities

    Candidates having good knowledge of maths and love for the outdoors can fare well in this career. Surveying gives many job opportunities to the surveying engineers in various fields such as Land surveying, Hydrographic surveying, Mine surveying, Cadastral/Boundary surveying, Topographic survey, Valuation survey, Construction/Building & quantity survey. They can also work as GIS analysts, photogrammetrist/remote sensing analyst, Forensic surveyor, expert witness etc. They can also get employment with mining and oil and gas extraction companies, construction companies, urban planning, transportation agencies like major roads, highways and railroads. They can even find job opportunities in public sector, State and Central Government departments.

    Courses Available

    - B.E/B.Tech in Civil Engineering
    - M.E/M.Tech in Civil Engineering
    - Diploma in Mining and Mine Surveying Engineering
    - Diploma in Civil Engineering
    - Civil Engineering (AMICE)

    Qualification required

    - For a surveying engineer a candidate is required to have civil engineering or M.Sc in Mathematics.
    - For supervisor a candidate is required to have B.Sc with Mathematics.
    - For a technician a candidate is required to have a Intermediate with Mathematics.

    Some good institutes

    - Indian Institute of Surveying & Mapping, Hyderabad
    - Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
    - Jamia Millia University: Faculty of Engineering and Technology, New Delhi
    - Assam Engineering College, Guwahati
    - Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
    - Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
    - B.M.S College of Engineering, Banglore
    - Banglore Institute of Technology, Banglore
    - Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Banglore
    - Anna University, College of Engineering, Chennai
    - Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College, Gorakpur, UP

    Entrance exams

    Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) examination for Insurance surveyors