Career in Tea Management - options and opportunities

Career in Tea Management - options and opportunities- Introduction, options, opportunities, courses, institutes, exams etc.
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  • RE: Career in Tea Management - options and opportunities -Rajani Sharma (11/23/11)
  • Introduction

    Tea Management is management of various jobs involved in Tea making such as oxidation, heating, drying, and addition of other herbs, flowers, spices and fruits. It is a rare and interesting career option in India. Tea tasting is one of the highly specialized areas in this field. Best tea growing areas in India are Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Karnataka and Assam.

    Performance and growth of industry in India

    Tea is the second most consumed and popular beverage in the world. India is one of the largest producer, exporter, and consumer of tea which gives a bright scope to this career in India. The Indian Tea Industry has grown its own global tea brands and has evolved as one of the most technically equipped tea industries in the world. In India various facets of tea trade such as tea production, certification, and exportation are controlled by Tea Board of India.

    Options and Opportunities

    After pursuing course in Tea Management a candidate can join the State Level Tea Boards that are run by the Government which provide various good opportunities in this field. They can also work as Financial Consultant, Estate Manager, Financial Head, Plantation/Factory Managers, Tea Tasters, Tea Brokers, Tea Consultants, and Tea Researchers or can work in marketing department.

    Courses Available

    Degree Courses in Tea Management
    - B.Sc in Tea Husbandry and Technology
    - M.Sc in Tea Husbandry and Technology

    Diploma or Certificate Courses in Tea Management

    - Post Graduate Diploma in Tea Management
    - Certificate Programme on Computer Application in Tea
    - Advanced Programme on Computer Application in Tea
    - Certificate Programme in Tea Tasting and Marketing

    Qualification required

    A candidate with senior secondary certificate (10+2) can apply for the degree, diploma and certificate courses in Tea Management. Degrees in Agricultural Science, Food Science, Horticulture or B.Sc Botany are the most preferred degrees to enter into this field. But anyone with a basic educational qualification can get into tea industry and gain the required skill sets for the job.

    Some good institutes

    - Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies
    - Dipras Institue of Professional Studies
    - Assam Agricultural University
    - Indian Institute of Plantation Management
    - The Tea Research Association
    - The Tea Tasters Academy

    Entrance exams

    Tea Management is still an evolving career in India thus so far there are no such entrance exams to get into this field. Candidates fulfilling the required qualifications criteria can directly get into the Institutes.