Career Objective and Career Summary for Risk Management

Career Objective and Career Summary for Risk Management

Career Objective

Looking for a role as the President of Risk operations in a bank to apply the deep understanding acquired over years for ensuring optimal health of company’s assets. The aim would be to accomplish the organisation as the most robust bank with respect to its assets, liabilities and various divisions.

Career Summary

• Business Management graduate from IIM-Indore with 10 years of experience in risk management domain. Managed a team of 10 credit and risk professionals as a Senior Vice President for Risk Manager in XYZ Bank.
• Handled Credit Cards portfolio overseeing Collections, Fraud and Authorizations on Credit cards for India
• Formulated and implemented strategies for ensuring optimal credit policy for retail assets such as personal loans and car loans.
• Honoured with the ‘best employee’ award for the year 2009 for the audits conducted to ensure that compliance standards were adhered to by the company.
• Involved in contributing to the bank’s asset risk assessment, deal structuring and ensuring corporate recoveries for maintaining profitability.
• Apprised management from time to time about various risks associated with several divisions within the bank aiding them in decision making.
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  • Career Objective and Career Summary for Risk Management -Deepa Kaushik (06/25/14)
  • Career Objective:

    Secure the position of ‘Risk Management Analyst’ in your esteemed organization, where I can utilize my attentive and multi-tasking service skills towards the accomplishment of the task in an appreciable manner, to contribute to the growth of the organization.

    Career Summary:

    - B.Com (H) with P.G. Diploma in Risk Management. 4 year working experience into the industry.
    - Sound knowledge of the nature of work and the job requirements and responsibilities.
    - Experience of risk analysis in fraud detection, fraud prevention and collections.
    - Ability to identify and notify the credit fraud and analyse the credit control for a higher level of customer service.
    - Capable of decision-making for the organization on the basis of credit risk analysis.
    - Proven ability of preventing loss by effective evaluation of the credit risk.
    - Experience of analysing credit data and set-up financial plans for the customers based on the credit and payment history.
    - Ability to compare the liquidity and profitability by analysing the customer’s account and identify the deliquescent accounts for the collection.
    - Trained for the fraud underwriting and fraud investigations.
    - Team-player with efficient leadership qualities.
    - Experience of training the employees regarding the basic fraud and risk analysis.
    - Experience of maintaining good relationship with the customers and clients.
    - Time-conscious with goal-oriented work attitude.
    - Hard-working, dedicated.