Career Opportunities in Media Industry

What are the various career opportunities provided by the media industry to an aspirant in media?

Media Industry has given remarkable career opportunities to students for over years. Media has various departments that you can fit yourself in such as marketing, technical, designing, managerial, editing, scaling, anchoring, acting, composing, directing, producing, editing and so on. One can work as a technical officer, Director, art director, general manager, print officer, supervisor, publication officer, reader, producer, editor, writer, stylist etc. You can for companies like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Tribune, Elle, Vogue, Motion Pictures, and news channels like Aaj Tak, IBN7, Times Now and all other entertainment channels or production houses like Illuminati, Yash Raj Films etc.

Jobs for printing technologist are available in advertising agencies, newspapers/magazines, government presses, publishing houses, machine/ printer manufacturers, packaging industries, book printers and even more in private commercial press as technology consultant.

Another option is teaching where jobs exist in schools, colleges and polytechnics offering vocational, diploma, degree and master degree courses.

In the field of print media you could even start and manage your own printing and DTP units or binding and packaging units or work as middlemen to collect print associated works for other units. A print technologist in the production department of a newspaper or a magazine starts his career as Production supervisor which may go up to the level of General Manager.
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