Career Options after a course in Fashion Designing

What career options are available after pursuing a fashion designing course?

Some people misunderstand Fashion Designing as the profession or art and craft of designing clothes. Fashion Design is an umbrella term and also includes, accessory design, jewellery design and shoe design. Most of the Fashion Designers start their career by working as an apprentice to en established designer or in a fashion house. Some designers also develop their own boutiques and fashion labels, while some also work as a freelancer, develop designs and get associated with different designers, different labels and hime studios. Alternatively some people also join an export house or a manufacturing unit. A gamut of career options is available for a fashion designer. Some of them are as follows:

- Fashion Marketing
- Merchandising
- Visual Merchandiser
- Fashion Photography
- Fashion Journalism
- Apparel and Costume Designing
- Jewellery Designing
- Accessory Designing
- Design Production
- Technical Designer
- Fashion stylist (including Jewellery, accessory and apparel stylist)
- Cutting Assistant
- Fabric buyer
- Quality Control and Quality Analysis
- Sales associate
- Pattern Designer
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