Career Options and job prospects in Geology

What are the career options in Geology?

• Geologists

• Meteorologists

• Geographers or Oceanographers

The person having degree in Geology can pursue a career in:
• Petrology (study of rocks)
• Palaeontology
• Geophysics
• Mining, Environmental Education, Research and Field Study.
• Opportunities in Geology range from studying and predicting man-made and natural disasters to exploring mineral resources.

What are the job prospects in Geology?

• There are vast prospects for you in the public and private sectors.

• The Union Public Service Commission conducts tests for placements in Central Government Agencies like the Geological Survey of India and the Central Ground water Board. Similarly, Coal India, Mineral Exploration Authority, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Hindustan Zinc and several other organisations engaged in mineral explorations utilize the services of Geologists.

• The Defence and Para-military forces utilize the services of Geologists.

• One can also join academics by pursuing a PhD or M.Phil in Geology and passing the National Education Test (NET) Conducted by University Grants Commission.

• Experienced Geologists, especially those with an advanced degree in geology or business administration, can advance to top positions in industry, government, and education sector.
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