Career Options in Travel, Tourism and Hotel industry

What are the career options in Travel, Tourism and Hotel Management industries?

There are various career options in these industries:

Tourism Department:
a. People can go for Reservation & Counter staff or ground duties.
b. People can also choose the option to be in Sales and Marketing.
c. They can choose to be tour planners and guides that will allow them to visit many places and more options to explore.
d. They can opt for Information assistant as a career. They will be selected through the competitive exams held by SSC.

a. People can opt for ground staff or in flight duties.
b. They can also work as Traffic Assistance, Reservation and counter staff personnel.

a. It provides opportunities in Operations, front office, and house keeping.
b. People can also opt for maintenance post or accounting post or sales post to have a career opportunity in Hotels field.
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