Career Options in Veterinary Science

What all career options are available in Veterinary Sciences?

Most of the learners opt for Masters Study after completing their bachelors. A Masters degree in veterinary science and animal husbandry is required for a teaching or a research job, while a doctorate is preferred. There are many career options to choose from after completing studies in veterinary science:

Hospitals: Veterinary surgeons can go for a job in hospitals, both private and government. Most of the private veterinary hospitals are in cities and mostly cater to domestic animals and pets such as dogs, cats. Most of the jobs which are available in government are usually in rural parts of the country. Surgeons in government hospitals mainly come across an extended range of animals, which includes cattle, goats, poultry, cows, buffaloes, sheep, etc.

Independent Practice: Many veterinary surgeons go on setting up their own clinic and work as an independent practitioner. Working as an independent practitioner, especially in cities and metro cities can pay you hefty amounts, because to have a pet has now become a symbol of status in such cities. However, gradually it tends to get restricted to cats and dogs; canine and feline pets.

Poultry Farms: Veterinarians can also join a poultry farm and can work as a quality analyst. Alternatively, he can also work to ensure the health of poultry animal. They can also work as a researcher and can work towards development of breeds with high egg productivity. Alternatively, they can also work in meat processing plants for supervising hygienic conditions.

Dairy Sector: Veterinary Doctors are in constant demand in dairy sector. A large number of veterinarians find shelter in the dairy sector and work to ensure their health and healthy breeding. They also work for high yields in milk production and keep a constant check on the quality.

NGOs: There are several NGOs (Non Government Organizations) which work towards the welfare of animals. Some such NGOs are People for Animals, Help in Suffering. A number of NGOs are working for this selfless cause.

Extension Offices: Extension programs are the secondary and post secondary programs which encompass a broad spectrum of learning activities and programs. Various ministries under central and state government run these extension programs at block level, in the rural parts of the country and give employment to a large number of veterinarians. The main goal of these extension programs in to educate livestock farmers. They encourage livestock farmers to ensure the quality of the animal stock. Not only this they also teach them about farm management and various health problems related to animals.

Many research options pertaining to animal based research are available in I.C.A.R.(Indian Council of Agriculture Research)

Defence Services such as Army and BSF also recruit veterinary staff to train and look after horses, dogs, camels, etc for the forces. They are included as Remount Veterinary Corps.

Apart from these, there are plenty options available in Sperm stations, polyclinics (where specialised services such as surgery are given), and vaccine institutions.
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