Career prospects and earning potential in advertising field

Is advertising the right career for me?

If you are creative, good at persuading people, enthusiastic, optimistic then advertising is a good career for you. People skills including communication skills are important for this field.
If you are good at explaining the product feature and know the requirement of the prospective customer then it’s a thumbs up.

What are the career prospects in the field of advertising?

Job opportunities in advertising field include jobs in various private advertising agencies and also in public sector companies. There are many job openings in commercial department of television and radio, newspapers, magazines and journals. Advertising manager, sales manager, creative director, public relations director and marketing communications manager are some of the major job opportunities in this field.

However to pursue a career in advertising field one can start his/her advertising agency also and can work as a freelance.

What salary can I expect in advertising field?

The salary/remuneration varies from one advertising agency to another advertising agency depending on the size and reputation. Also the salary depends upon the qualification, skills and experience of an individual. An experienced individual have more chance of getting a job than a newcomer. Thus, as a beginner you will be doing the basic stuff but with experience you can enter into negotiation.

A newcomer with the creative mind draws an average salary of Rupees 10 to 15 thousand per month. This increases with the increase in experience.

Also, as a freelance an individual can earn income per assignment.
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