Career Prospects for Beauty Care experts in India.

What is the scope of Beauty Care in India? What are its job prospects? Can you name few companies?

There’s an endless market for a Beauty care expert in India. If you have the potential to make others look good then you are here to stay. As a beginner you will have to work as a trainee or an intern under an experienced professional. You can start with working in Beauty parlours, Beauty Salons, Beauty Clinics you may also try your luck in the fashion industry, films, television, advertising firms, theatres, fashion houses etc.

Once you gain the required knowledge and experience you can try for Big brands in the industry or work in luxurious five star hotels, you can also open your own salon or a set up a beauty parlour. To start your own beauty care centre you must have thorough knowledge of products and services, essential and advance equipment and must have a fair business sense. Also you can open your teaching and research centre.

You may also open a specialised Bridal make-over beauty salon and become a brand yourself or work as a free-lance makeup artist.

Few salons or brands that you can apply at are L’Oreal Professional, Looks Unisex salon, Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd., Pivot Point, Alps beauty salon, Lakme Salon, VLCC, Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers, Schwarzkopf Professional. These salons are located all over India and one can easily get a job based on their talent.
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