Career Prospects for SCM professionals in India

What are the career avenues in the field of supply chain management in India?

There are various number of opportunities for talented and energetic future managers in India. The scope for the field is increasing with supply chain spending, growing faster than the overall economy and company CEO’s recognising the importance of Supply Chain Management (SCM). A career in this field has loads to offer, one can get exciting job, and it gives travel opportunities and most importantly a handsome salary package. There are various opportunities in industries such as freight forwarding organisations, couriers, etc. in addition, various companies require trained professionals in logistics to handle their manufacturing and distribution operations. Another SCM employment option is the third party logistics (3PL) industry. There is an opportunity for an extensive growth and broad exposure while working for a 3PL.

There are also requirement of candidates with professional degree in logistics in companies that deals with cargo and shipping of materials. The logistics companies work in close association with airline companies, shipping enterprises ad surface carriers. The most important thing is that the SCM positions are not monotonous as it allows you to perform an extensive range of duties. Supply chain management offers a broad range of job opportunities for entry level managers and beyond. You can choose the career that you are willing to pursue and the types of position that you will consider. You will get loads of opportunities in warehousing, retailing and transportation sector. Warehousing sector involves inventory control, preparing GRN (Goods Receipt Note) etc. There are few more advanced positions and require significant Supply chain management (SCM) experience. Thus, there are ample opportunities in this field.
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