Career prospects in animation industry

Is animation the right career for me?

If you have mind and good at drawing or sketching skill then yes this is the right career for you. To be a good animator you should have good imagination power and skill of giving attention to every detail. Besides this you should have good visualization skill and flair for using colours. You will be working on computer so make sure you enjoy your own company while working. If you have the above skills this career option is for you.

What's the career graph like for those opting for this career?

Like any other career the career of animation also demands hard work, discipline and patience. There is good of animator working in fields of Script Writing, Pre-Visualization, Character Development & Design, Environment Development & Design, Prop Design & Color, Acting & Animation, Facials, Lip Sync, Effects, Lighting, Compositing, Rendering and Editing, Sound Effects and Background Score. All these hold good scope for the students have well versed with the story-telling and film-making. Hence the initial stage of an animator is story-teller.

Once the foundation of story-telling got strong he/she easily choose the career path from above depending upon his/her likings, skills and area of strength.

However, every specialization will always starts with being a trainee and with the experience he/she may grow from being a trainee to Senior Artist, Supervisor, Assistant Director and Director or Technical Director over the period of time.
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