Career prospects in pet grooming

What are the career scopes in pet grooming?

With a general rise in the living standard of the people, pet owners are now willing to splurge hefty amounts on their pets, including getting designer clothes for them and taking them for monthly spa or resorts. According to a study done by the global research firm, Euromonitor International, Rupees 450 crores along with an annual rise of 10-15% is the total turnover of the pet industry globally. The pet industry globally is bounding ahead with a great speed. The pet market is progressively growing and is expected to grow twice the rate of industry as a whole thus making pet grooming a very viable career option.

In India, the grooming market is dominated by dogs, followed by cats.
- You can start as a pet groomer with an experienced groomer to learn the ground ups of the job. Learning as an apprentice is a common and most tested way of learning to groom or you can also join a vet office.

- Alternatively you can also start your own pet grooming salon and work as a cosmetologist to style pets for photographs and everyday comfort; however it is suggested that you should work as an assistant first before striving ahead as a pet salon owner so that you know in and out of the business.

- You can also look forward to become a mobile pet groomer and take up grooming whenever you like to, like a seasoned job and work at your own comfort or in a pet salon.

- Once being a pet groomer appeals you, you can also go on becoming a pet behaviourist, pet walker, pet handler or a pet trainer depending entirely on your area of interest.
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  • RE: Career prospects in pet grooming -K. Vidhu (07/21/19)
  • I'm an animal lover. Currently working in IT but I want to pursue career in anything related to animals. I'm 26 yrs now staying in Chennai. Could you please suggest some training programs or schools or spa where I can take training and practical and work with animals.