Career prospects in the field of Agricultural Economics

What are the career prospects in the field of Agricultural Economics?

Globalisation has given birth to the need for professionally trained personnel with good knowledge and smart work. There are numerous career opportunities in this field. They are listed as follows:

1. Agribusiness management: This involves management, public relations, buying, selling, research, policy making for agricultural products.
2. Government Service: It can be done at state, central and divisional levels. It involves agricultural production, marketing, sales, finance etc.
3. Farm Business Management: This involves managing farms, work for agricultural firms and manage farm operations.
4. Financial Advising: You can work for agricultural banks and facilitate loans and financial aid to farmer or businessmen who are associated with this field. They also give suggestions for investment and review property for agricultural purposes.
5. International Agriculture and Development: The increase in multinational firms in our country has improved the chances of employment in the finance, marketing, development, production department.
6. Entrepreneurship: You can work in your family business or manage your own farm which is one the most lucrative career options in this field.
7. Farm credit analyst
8. Commodity analyst
9. Market price predictor
10. Farm suppliers
11. Veterinary management
12. Research organisation\institutes
13. You can also become a scientist at the most prestigious ICAR (Indian Council Of Agricultural Research)
14. Flood and Drought Management
15. Soil and Water testing laboratories
16. Effective Agro- Processing Industries
17. Industries water resources
18. Educating people on Private investment In Agriculture
19. You can also work in a law firm as an adviser on laws and regulation on agriculture.
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