Career prospects in Travel, Tourism and Hotel industry in India

If I choose Travel, Tourism and Hotel industry in India as my career, then what are the growth prospects for me in the near future?

Travel and Tourism industry is the world’s largest foreign exchange earners. Its courses provide employment to millions of people worldwide and it is indirectly associated with many other service industries like airline catering or laundry services, sales, etc. Hotel industry is closely associated with these industries due to the catering business. There is an upbeat to provide services in every area of the industry thus requirement for the intakes in these industries. It is a growing field and by 2015 it will have maximum number of job opportunities. These industries will cater international as well as national countries so increasing the number of intakes in upcoming years. There are lots of opportunities as Tour operators, marketing managers, sales manager; reservation and counter staff and the industry already have 1.2% out of total 3.4% growth in terms of overall employments. The total employment generated by this industry in 2013 is 102,364,000. By 2023 this industry will have cash flow in huge amount as well as high salaries package will be expected to grow. Tourism in itself is a growing business and many international tourists are increasing day by day, so more and more job opportunities will come everyday. Upcoming years will account for 125,288,000 jobs directly, an increase of 2.0% pa over the next ten years.
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