Career prospects out of India for HR Professionals

Are there enough job opportunities outside India for an HRM?

HRM are employed all over the world which allows great overseas employment opportunities. However, it is easier to get a job through personal contacts and networking than simply filling a job application form. This is because it is difficult to migrate from one country to another in this field unless it is an outsourced business. However, if you really want to make a career overseas in HRM then you can pursue a Human resource management course from a recognised university in abroad and apply for jobs simultaneously.

This way it will be easier for you to get a visa and you’ll get more time to be familiar with the way of living and work culture of the country. As a part of course’s curriculum a short term internship is mandatory for all the students taking up this course. This internship helps you build contacts and gives you maximum exposure of the work environment you have to deal with in future. It also gives you a practical knowledge of the kind of job and duties you are expected to perform as a HRM.

Once you are in the college, you can apply for work permit, duration of which is decided by the state government of that country. However, if you’re able to impress your employers by your work and skills then they might help you in extending your work permit.
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