Cashier career objective and career summary

Cashier career objective and career summary

Career Objective:

To ensure work efficiency with my utmost honesty, sincerity and efficiency, thereby using my potential and level of expertise in growing up along with the organization.

Career Summary:

- M. Com (H) with genius certificate for accountancy and finance.
- Capable of dealing large transactions with ease and comfort.
- Delivering extremely good customer satisfaction level.
- Good knowledge of the responsibilities of the cash counter.
- Punctual, hard-working, with ability to withstand under high pressure.
- Ability to stretch as per the requirement, especially during the end of the financial year
- Efficient in computer applications with sound knowledge of the banking softwares like Tally.
- Keeping up the presence of mind while work under pressure.
- Ability to keep up patience even when the customer is in odd terms.
- Good interactive and communicative skills.
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    Looking to secure the role of a Senior Cashier in mnbl Ltd. Possess experience of working in a challenging environment with proficiency in computer skills.


    • A in Kamla Nehru College, Delhi with over 3 years of experience as a Cashier in hgvb Ltd.
    • Responsible for checking figures and documents for accuracy
    • Organised and maintained all files as well as cash and cash equivalents in accordance with procedures and policies
    • Prepared, maintained and distributed financial and accounting reports.
    • Ensured consolidation of cash received by all employees handling cash
    • Effective communication skills that helped in dealing with others in a professional language as well as answer phone calls using etiquettes.
    • Maintained positive working relationship as well as supported team for reaching common goals