Celebrities should be welcomed in politics.


- They attract a mass following and can sway public opinion in the right direction.

- The celebrities have been successful in their respective field and have the right ethics required being successful in politics.

- Celebrities can do a lot for the welfare of the people as they also live in amongst the common people.

- They have the power to persuade or convince the majority to work in favor of development of the country.

- They have a huge fan following which only makes it easier for them to operate.


- Whether it is Govinda or any other actor for that matter, no one’s attendance has been up to the mark in parliament.

- No one has really raised a particular issue, which has worked in the favor of the nation.

- If you were to analyze the achievements of the actors present in politics, it has been close to negligible.

- They are already so engrossed in their lives, that it has been seen over the years that they don’t have the political mind frame to perform in politics.
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  • RE: Celebrities should be welcomed in politics. -SwathiNagaraj (10/06/17)
  • Celebrities should be welcomed in politics.They know the situation of each and every person and how they are suffering a lot in daily life.Celebrities are followed by more people.If they become the minister,most of them follow the rules that issued by that person.People gets changed and also government gets changed.
  • RE: Celebrities should be welcomed in politics. -rahul shukla (08/25/16)
  • I think celebritied should join political issues as a leader or members becoz they have good crowd following power but.it indispensable for a celebrity to have his own interest .
  • RE: Celebrities should be welcomed in politics. -Ritika mehrotra (08/18/14)
  • From my point of view celebrities shouldn't be allowed for coming in politics.the reason behind is that one person can be good only in one field they can't focus on the both at the same time and they have no knowledge regarding this.They win the elections only on their fame but they come only to gather more fame .As we can take example of satrughan sinah he entered in politics when his bollywood career has completed .Politics is not as a call center that any one can come for a part time job.
  • RE: Celebrities should be welcomed in politics. -sushma (11/27/12)
  • according to me if minister is agud person then that place haveto come becoz they have more money to help poor peple n by coopetate each other they shoud make a gud life for all.some celebryty are gud n some are not .some celibrity are looking for ther publicity only they have no realy heart tu attend nice thing.n some are realy like to help like salman khan he is realy nice man. at last woud like to say if our political peple become gud n truth man n protecting our nation from every thing then every one have to join that realy works.
  • RE: Celebrities should be welcomed in politics. -Shreyan (11/26/12)
  • Not the celebrities, but the specialized ones should welcomed to the politics. Yes! In that case if any celebrity is specialized in any one he/she should mostly welcomed, otherwise the situation may like this, today who is coal minister tomorrow he will become education minister, no matter what the department is. The talkings may sound harsh, but it is the only reality that in India,nowadays the ministers are only to loot the departments not to look after. whatever it may be coal or education? only material will change from coal to books..!
    But what the celebrities will do? Is the parliament house is a theater hall to show the drama on aam-aadmis harassment and poverty in India? The man become change but the chair remains same. Only the outburst of power.
    Every minister and ministry should take oath before they sit on the chair of their dept. own, any any one line of the oath if they make in real the present situation of India will change in near future; whatever it any celebrities or any other citizens of our country. By whom they are in power they must know how to serve them, not only before the vote but also the five year long.. If not, throw them out of chair!