Certificate course in HRM Practices

Certificate course in HRM Practices

1. What do you understand by Human Resource management?

It is an administrative section that deals with an organization's employees. Sometimes, it is referred to as Human Resource.

Human resource management is a process of hiring employees, conducting job analysis, maintaining salaries and recruiting the right people for the right jobs.

2. Name the institutes that offer certificate courses in HRM Practices. Also mention the duration of the courses provided by each institute.

- HR Remedy India Training, Pune - 1 month duration
- Center for Advanced Diploma Studies and Research, Ahmedabad- 75 days duration
- Institute for Innovative HRM Development - 3 months duration

3. What should be the eligibility to take up a certificate course in Human Resource Management Practice?

* The candidate can be a graduate from any discipline.
* He/She can also be a working executive or an entrepreneur of medium or small scale industries.
* Students who are pursuing MBA course are also eligible.
* Students who have passed MBA with a specialization in HR can also apply.

4. What is the purpose of taking up the course of HRM practice ?

It will provide the candidates with an in-depth knowledge of Human Resource. The course sharpens your hard core HR skills. With the help of this course, students can make a great career in the field of HR.

5. What is the fee structure for the program ?

The fees range between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15,000.

6. What are the topics covered under the course ?

* Leave management
* Time management
* Employee grievances
* Recruitment/ selection of employees
* Salary and benefit administration
* Training and development
* Career planning

7. What is the mode of training ?

The candidates are provided with the course materials. Classroom training, assignments, and group discussions are the mode of training given to the candidates. The sessions are highly interactive.

8. What are the career prospects in the field of HRM?

HR professionals have huge scope in the:

* Public Sector Banks
* Join Management Consultancies
* HR Consultancy firms
* Freelancing at any consultancy
* There are a lot of opportunities to teach HR related subjects at universities or colleges.
* HR professionals are in high demand in both private and public sector organizations. (industries/banking/corporate houses/multi national companies)
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