Certification Courses in 3D Animation

Certification Courses in 3D Animation

If you want to be a professional 3D animator and pursue career in gaming and films following are some certification courses that you will find interesting.

Positions that are usually offered to animators are those of concept artists, animators, character animators, storyboard artists, special effects animators, visual effects artists and game designers. The 3D animation certification courses listed below are conducted both online and classroom.

To make a career in animation all you need is creative thinking and passion to learn.

Academic qualification required for getting admission into any of these courses is 10+2 in any stream.

1. MaxPro- This is a certification program that focuses on Autodesk, 3Ds max for modeling, shading, lighting, particle dynamics and animation. This is a customized course for a particular software, Autodesk 3D Studio Max. It covers everything from basics to intermediate levels of the software.

Sections covered under this are:

• Introduction to 3D World
• 3D Design and Modeling
• Character Animation
• Lighting & Dynamics
• Look Development
• Character Setup & Skinning

The course duration is generally from 5-6 months. This course is generally offered throughout the year by Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC).

2. MayaPro - This course that exposes students to the different shades of Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, FX & Animation with the help of industry dominating software, Autodesk Maya.

In order to develop an understanding of the digital sculpting techniques in Computer graphics, Autodesk Mudbox is included in the course offered by MAAC Institute. If you want to specialize in this software, the course gives an extension.

Sections covered under this course are:

• Digital Sculpting
• Texturing
• Character Animation
• CG Lighting
• Look Development & Rendering
• Particles & Dynamics
• Hair & Fur & Cloth
• Character Setup & Skinning
• Specialization
• 3D Design and Modeling

The course duration is generally 8 months and extra 4 months for specialization.

3. ADS (Advance Digital Sculpting)- ADS is a certification course offered for Advance Digital Sculpting. It teaches the use of sculpting in the production work flow.

You get to learn all the digital sculpting techniques and the important softwares used in various industries.

Digital sculpting is a very new technique, still it has become very popular in just a few years.

Sections covered under this are:

• 3D Sculpting
• Character Design
• 3D Illustrations
• Form Development
• Pipeline Integration with Autodesk 3Ds Max/Autodesk Maya

This is another course offered by MAAC with a duration of 2 months.
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