Changepond Campus Placements - Procedure and Information

Changepond Campus Placements - Procedure and Information

Changepond is a firm that deals in technology consulting and software services. The company’s headquarter is based in Chennai, but has its operations spread over US, Europe, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific region.

The Changepond selection procedure consists of 2 levels, written test and the HR interview round and in certain cases they also conduct a Group Discussion round where necessary. The written test is conducted to analyse your capability while you are lacking time and of course problem solving skills as well. This section consists of questions based on technical interview, verbal and non – verbal reasoning and lastly aptitude testing.

If at all the Group Discussion rounds takes place, the round is conducted to measure the communication skills, developing ability to listen to others, general knowledge awareness and ability to speak effectively in front of number of people. The group discussion topics are usually based on general knowledge topics.

Lastly it is the HR interview round. The HR interview round is conducted to analyse the leadership skills, ability to handle stress, interpersonal skills, ability to take the right decision, and lastly the communication skills of the candidate. The questions is this section are usually based on your educational and family background, like and dislikes, subjects that you are interested in, hobbies and details mentioned in your CV.

And as it goes, passing through any interview successfully you need to be thoroughly prepared for all the rounds.
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