Changes brought by Civil Disobedience Movement

Changes brought by Civil Disobedience Movement

Question:-The Civil Disobedience Movement brought about significant changes in the Indian freedom struggle. Explain.

The Civil Disobedience Movement brought about many beneficial changes in the treatment of the British Government towards the people of India. The political changes were as follows.

1. Peaceful and persistent opposition

It taught the public a new way of opposing the government without any violence. Prohibition and civil disobedience are actions which may not sound very effective theoretically but actually, it is very perturbing for the ruler. So, the government disturbed by the increasing popularity of this movement.

2. Round Table Conferences

The Round Table Conferences was the suggestion of the Simon Commission. Annoyed with the continuous Civil Disobedience Movement, it was arranged to safeguard the interests of the British Government by fulfilling some of the demands of the Indians.

3. Failure of First Round Table Conference

The Indian National Congress had boycotted the First Round Table Conference. As a result, this conference failed to make any successful decisions. This made the British government realize the power of the Congress as an all India organization.

4. Gandhi-Irwin Pact and the Second Round Table Conference

After the Dandi march, the British Government agreed to enter into talks with the representatives of the Congress giving them equal position as themselves. Despite Churchill's opposition, the Gandhi- Irwin Pact was the tremendous outcome of this Movement. And the Congress was invited to the Second Round Table Conference with Gandhi as its representative.

5. Worldwide support

The wide coverage of the movement gained it worldwide support and popularity. Not only in India but even in British started supporting the Indian freedom movement and the freedom fighters.

This movement, too, was suppressed in the long run but it forced the British Government take Indians seriously and talk to them about the constitutional problems of India. The Act of 1935 and Provincial Local Self Government made under it were some of the great outcomes of this Movement.

This is how it helped in advancing the freedom struggle of the country.
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