Charms and challenges of Cyberworld

Charms and challenges of Cyberworld

The cyber world is the hot topic of discussion. With the advancement of the science and technology, human race are trying to excel their proficiency to compete the creations of the nature. Cyber world is definitely the first step towards the same path. The Internet is something that mankind feels to be an essential part of the life. We are living an era where life would nearly come to a standstill without the use of this technology. We have got into the trap of this cyber world, for which we have created the entrance, but now trapped into the maze to search for the exit.

Era of Computers and Internet

The present era of Computers, laptop, androids, Internet etc. is making the human its slaves. We are devoting our entire time towards this non-living component which is no more than an idiot box. There was a time when people used to call the television as the idiot box, but now with the emergence of the Internet into the living world, it could be termed much worse than a pretty idiot box. People can hardly survive without the Internet these days. There are people who still don’t know the usage of computers and its relevance in the life. Even those people use the technology unknowingly, as every industry necessarily uses this device. Right from the banks, hospitals, railway stations, etc. which uses the technology for better co-ordination in the work process worldwide, makes this technology reach to each nook and corner of the country. Even an illiterate person who operates his bank account and books a railway ticket is using the technology indirectly.

Cyber world

The cyber world is a glittering world that looks like a twinkling star from the distance, but this technology is as burning and dangerous as the Sun in practicality. The more benefits it gives, the more is the harm it is promoting to the common man. The benefits of this technology is made well aware of to the common man who uses the same for the day-to-day purposes, but the hazards that it promotes is hardly understandable by an average skilled human. Cyber-world is a trap for the human beings. It could engulf every single hard-earned penny from anyone. The earning is not necessarily the money or the property, but this cyber-world has also caused a damage to the human health and emotions. This world definitely is giving plenty to comfort the human life and the living standard, still we cannot overlook the ill-effects that it is causing.

The charm of Cyber World

Cyber-world has definitely given a sophisticated living to the human race. Let us briefly discuss few of them:

• Networking and Social Networking

The world is living a life of networking. The business stands on the network. Gone are the days when the business was restricted to the local circles and demanded heavy infrastructure and money to spread the same throughout the country. We are living an age where the business relies totally on the networking and the Internet has made the spread of business possible throughout the world in just few clicks away.

The Social networking sites are again a boon for the human beings. This has reduced the distance and made the world come closer. People could interact with anyone in any part of the world. This social networking is also useful in expanding and promoting the small scale business fields.

• Brand Building

Internet has a big hand in brand building. Businessman considers the Internet as a boon to promote their brand in much easier way and they can simply increase their sales without putting in much physical labour. The brands could be publicised by sitting into the office cabin.

• Online Banking

Online banking is the best facility which has created a great sigh of relief both to the common man and the employees in the bank. People could easily solve their concerns sitting at the home. There remains very few criteria that requires a personal visit to the bank. This has reduced the crowd at the bank and the employees can work without stress.

• Shopping, Bill payments and Ticket booking

This is another great facility to shop at home and the product could be delivered directly. The bill payments and ticket-booking doesn’t take a tedious ride to the centres anymore. The same task can be accomplished sitting at home in much less time.

• E-books and e-library

Book lovers have a wide range of collection. Many sites provide free reading samples as well. People can also purchase the book that they desire. We can also gather plenty books into our e-library without accumulating the physical books into our book shelves.

• Communication and Interaction – world come closer

This is a boon for those who work abroad leaving their family back in their home-land. And those parents who have got their daughter married far by, can have video interactions. This technology has definitely made hearts closer and the affection has increased.

• Game Zone

Children and even the adults could find many fascinating games that could be downloaded any time through the Internet. This game zone provides a wide range of collection of games and people can choose as per their preference.

• News and publicity

The news through the Internet spreads much faster than any physical paper. Gone are the days when people used to buy newspapers. Everything is now just a click away. People get the news from time-to-time. The publicity of any matter could be done in much speedy manner to the large masses through the Internet than any other mode.

• Music and video entertainment

Internet provides a wide range of entertainment. All sorts of music and videos, movies and many more things can be downloaded from the Internet. Even the oldest of collection could be found very easily through the Internet.

• Education

Education is wide field and that has plenty to do with the Internet. The cyber-world provides all sorts of required information to the students and it is a whole lot of knowledge that a child can gain from the Internet.

• Androids and mobile applications

The mobile apps and mobile Internet has fastened the race. People are carrying their complete kit into their pockets. The world has shrunk and dumped into the pockets of the common man. This very technology has eased out the living multi-fold.

The challenges with the Cyber World

• Lack of time and emotions for the family life

People are in to the world of Internet and they hardly get time to interact, move out and have some good affectionate hours. People have forgotten the importance of family, friends and relations and all they are concerned is just with the Internet

• Health

Internet has made the health condition miserable. We can find the people in their early twenties with the lifestyle disorders. The Internet has made the life sedentary and all the physical activities have been completely abolished. This stupid box has given rise to many new medical terminologies.

• Hacking

This is one of the greatest risks involved in Internet dealings and transactions. Though the websites make sure for the security check at various levels before proceeding with the transactions, still the human mind, especially the hacker’s mind in much more brilliant to break through any security.

• Pornography – misuse of photos and videos

The photos and videos of the common man which is uploaded in the social networking sites could be easily accessed and misused. Pornography is one of the most dangerous hazard of such uploads.

• Safety for women

Women definitely lack safety. The youth especially the girls who get carried away with the social interaction and networking are many a times be fooled and taken undue advantage of. The social networking has also ruined the lives of girls by playing up with their character.

• Easy accessibility with lack of restrictions

The easy accessibility and lack of restrictions has led to the spread of unwanted stuff in to the young minds. People might permit children the usage of Internet for the education purposes, but the adverts that gets popped up every now and then, deviate the concentration of the children.


The cyber World, precisely is a wonder world. It has the capacity to give everything. Every technology that has the power to yielding the best also has the capacity to destroy. Human mind is much brilliant than any technology and we have been gifted by the power of reasoning by the nature. We humans should make wise use of the technology and avoid getting dependent on it. The cyber-world should remain a fantasy world. It should not interfere with the intellect of the human beings. A wise use of the technology will make the life simple and comfortable.
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  • RE: Charms and challenges of Cyberworld -abdullah chembra (01/14/17)
  • It is very useful
  • RE: Charms and challenges of Cyberworld -Hemant Sharma (08/07/14)
  • Cyber world or the World Wide Web is nothing short of a spectacular addition in our fast paced lives. Cyber World or more commonly The Internet is a global service through which people from all over the world can surf as well as download necessary things. It’s a service available through which everything under the sun in now at the fingertips of anyone who has access to Internet. But at the same time, we are blindfolded by this technology that we fail to see how dependent we have become over the years. Our world would come to a standstill if this technology is taken away from us.

    It is true that this technology is very essential and can be used for a variety of things. How easy has it become to send a message to someone sitting half way across the globe? With the use of e-mail, sending and receiving of messages have become so easy that paper mails have almost disappeared. The internet is a virtual treasure trove of information. Accessing any piece of information is just a click away. All you need to do is to type in the subject and within fraction of seconds you are bombarded with the content.
    The new and the most famous trend on the internet is to shop online. Online stores have taken over the roadside showrooms. They allow a user to view, select, try and buy whatever they like and this is accompanied by free delivery to the doorstep. There is no need to leave the house as all the shopping can be done more conveniently on Internet. The other feature of internet is the ‘chat room’. This feature is used to socialize, to meet new friends, as well as to stay in touch with the old friends irrespective of the place they are residing at.

    One of the most happening and fun thing to do via internet is to play games and download any new software. Now downloading games, music, videos, movies and a lot of other stuff can be done just by sitting at home, most of which are free as well.
    AS rightly said with pros there are always cons. Internet is a threat to someone’s personal information. Information such as name, address, number is visible to others and can be accessed easily. There are various hacking tools which steal the credit information uploaded during the time of a transaction. This is equivalent to giving someone a blank check.

    Pornography is a very serious issue concerning the internet, especially when it comes to teens. There are loads of pornographic sites on the internet that can be easily viewed by anyone. These sites have a lot of vulgar and adult content that children shouldn’t be allowed to watch. Spam is also a very common threat related to internet. Spamming is nothing but sending unsolicited e-mails in bulk, which serve no purpose and clogs up the entire system unnecessarily.

    Finally, we can simply say that cyber world is a human miracle. Its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and millions of people each day benefit from this amazing Cyber World. That said, we still have to make wise use of the technology at hand and avoid any kind of dependency on it. The hindrance from the cyber world shouldn’t become a worrying factor in the future is what we all should hope.