Chemical Engineers - Career prospects and earning potential.

What is the future scope of chemical engineers?

The future scope for Chemical engineers is bright, due to the growth of industrial sector and expansion of engineering industries. The innovation will be required in upcoming years, to cater large population, as there will be scarcity of resources in near future. As the resources will get used up and more demand will increase, then there will be requirement for alternative
solution that can become the replacement of the resources in use. The demand of resources in terms of inorganic resources such as petroleum, synthetic replacements, natural materials
replacement and resources that will have short supply, in future will increase. Chemical engineers combine many disciplines of work and more engineers would be required to cater the rising demand of the industries.

What is the remuneration of a chemical engineer?/h2>
The remuneration of chemical engineers depends on company to company and on the growth of the country. As there is rapid industrialization, taking place in the country more and more
chemical engineers are acquired to meet the demands of the industries and their work. When calculating the salaries of chemical engineers factors that matters are: Qualification,
engineer’s ability, Qualifications, personal skills, industry knowledge and skills.

o Freshers in this field can start with a pay package of more than Rs. 3 Lac per annum.

o Experienced people, in the field of chemical engineering, gets a pay package of more than Rs. 5 Lac per annum.

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