Child Actor Career Objective and Career Summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Child Actor

Career Objective:

Aim to join as a “Child Actor” with your Publication House, where I can deliver my acting potential, along with learning some new skills and contributing towards the fame of the organization.

Career Summary:

- Class V student with winner in acting and performing musical stage shows many times. 2 year experience into acting into the stage performances.
- Good grasping aptitude with quick learning ability.
- Good command over Hindi, English and Bengali languages.
- Winner of the “Best Talent Search” in the last session of 2013.
- Ability to deliver the best of musical shows along with dancing and playing keyboard.
- Proven ability of acting into the commercials of “XXX range of products”
- Excellent expressions with beautiful eye gestures.
- Best into performing as a talkative charming child.
- Ability to deliver best of the body language.
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  • Child Actor Career Objective and Career Summary -Teena Bhatia (06/16/14)
  • Career Objective:

    To secure a Child Actor position in film industry that would entrust me with using my acting expertise to enact in the movies and short plays.

    Career Summary:

    • 1 years work experience in the field of short movies while pursuing my school academics.
    • Achieved the viewers attention and recognition in the movies made on the theme of child problems.
    • Easy to handle who can understand the role and requirement of the situations well and perform according to the demand.
    • Excellent emotional expressions that comes naturally as a part of the movie or play.
    • Proficient in the voice modulation considered important in the acting career.
    • Recognized as the best child actor in the critics category in the XYZ awards of year 2014.
    • Possess excellent artistic vision and creative skills to direct a beautiful and mind blowing piece of art.