Child Care career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Child Care

Career Objective:

To attain the position of child care worker in your esteemed organization, and take up variety of responsibilities in the challenging job environment, where my skills and potential could be utilised.

Career Summary:

- 3 years experience in child care from nursery rooms to the pre-schooling stage.
- NTT trained with ability to teach little bit of reading and writing skills to the pre-schooling kids.
- Ability to design new learning tools to educate the kids.
- Creative mind and hand to teach creative skills and craft-work to the children.
- Possess good communication skill and excellent presentation skill to interact with tiny tots who have not learnt to speak.
- Flexible, emotionally stable and soft spoken.
- Mild with gentle touch towards the kids.
- Ability to introduce hand-on lessons to the children.
- Good professional attitude with exceptional care towards the future stepping stones.
- Utmost careful to maintain hygienic environment, e.g. sterilizing bottles for the infants.
- Experience of keeping record of the daily activities of the children including their diet and medication.
- Proficient in instructing and teaching personal hygiene to the children especially the toilet habits.
- Experience of storing the day-to-day kids products and distributing on regular basis.
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