Children should only take up educational activities in free time

Children should only take up educational activities in free time

Children should only take up educational activities in free time to make maximum use of it.
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Children these days are really burdened with pressure of studies, pressure of performing and proving themselves in this competitive world. Various research studies have shown that the stress levels even on school children are much higher these days, than it used to be about a decade back. Keeping these facts in mind, I believe that they should not be forced to necessarily take up educational activities in their free time.

The free time should be left to their discretion and they should have the leverage to spend it in whatever way they want. However, they should be encouraged to make the best use of it. They should be encouraged to develop their skills or pursue their hobby.

However, they may need guidance for the same. This is due to the fact that children these days have an easy access to internet and various social networking websites. Youngsters have the tendency to spend multiple hours aimlessly surfing on the internet or chatting on social networking websites. If done in moderation, even this helps to enhance their people skills and communication skills but overdoing the same can take them away from their goal and waste lot of time. Hence, parental guidance can help them to choose a particular hobby and stick to it. Various activities like sketching, painting, dancing, reading enable the children to expand their creative skills and strengthen their motor skills.

They should also be encouraged to play various types of sports as it will make them stronger, more reflexive and faster.

In fact, as a part of the nation’s education training, Government of India has taken various steps to improve the Vocational Education in the country. Vocational education is the education that prepares people for specific trades, crafts, nursing etc. It is different from the class room education. In fact it is a platform which can enable children to take up a hobby and convert it into a professional skill.

Hence, children can be encouraged to take up vocational education in their long breaks like summer break etc. Hence, it can be concluded by saying that there are a lots of useful ways in which children can spend their free time, learning and enjoying at the same time and they should be given the liberty to take up activities which make them happy.
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  • RE: Children should only take up educational activities in free time -Teena Bhatia (08/28/14)
  • There are many families where kids drive the schedule. Kids have the natural tendency to stay in attention. Even parents don’t want them to feel left out. But at times, they also want their kids to stay sporty and competitive in other activities too. The educational activities after school are considered as productive for children’s growth. Taking educational activities in free time is an obligation and not a choice.

    The school where the focus is paid on the educational activities remains the favorite of parents. Still, all the schools don’t have the necessary resources to impart various educational activities in school time. It is, therefore, imperative for the parents to find out the favorite activity of their children and enroll them for same in the free time. The free time should not be wasted completely in playing or watching TV. Those who don’t take educational activities can miss out key experiences as compared to other children.

    Coming to the second perspective, some parents considers their children as machines who can work for twenty hours a day. For them, their children are their trophies which bring them respect in the society. Such parents go way beyond and pressurize their children to take multiple activities. The intentions are to make children come ahead in the competitive race but the results comes opposite of their expectations. Taking multiple activities means kids have no free time for relaxation. The schedule is too busy to be handled by them. The pressure to keep up becomes emotionally and physically challenging for children.

    To conclude, children should take the educational activities in their free time. But it should be done in moderation. Educational activities instill social skills in the children. They learn self-discipline, sportsmanship and conflict resolution by pursuing educational activities.