China's relations with India vis-a-vis Pakistan

China's relations with India vis-a-vis Pakistan

Beijing has always attempted to strike a balance in its relation with India and Pakistan when it comes to foreign visits. President Hu Jintao visited India as well as Pakistan in 2006. 4 years later, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao toured the two South Asian neighbours side by side.

Just last year, new Chinese Premier Li Keqiang paid a visit to both neighbouring nations. But tensions between India and China have emerged with regard to the boundary disputes.

Another key area of concern has been the trust factor. India has had a history of wars and disputes with China ranging back to the 1960s. The biggest thorn in the Sino-Indian relationship is the constant support given by China to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s missile and nuclear capabilities have received a boost due to help from China. Even more alarming is the development of infrastructure by China in areas which have been disputed over by India and Pakistan. Can India still maintain cordial relations with China following these developments?

While some may feel that the jury is still out on this, the task of rebuilding Sino-Indian bilateral relationships is difficult.


• India and China have a history of mistrust going back to the sixties when a war was fought between the two nations. India is still locked in a dispute with China regarding territorial claims and incursions by Chinese soldiers are a grave cause for concern.

The sovereignty of India must not be threatened in any way. Our defence forces are already facing the burden of coping with Pakistani forces and additional incursions will add to their problems. India should set about rebuilding the relationship with China, with due caution regarding the latter nation’s developing relations with Pakistan.

• Moreover, the Tibet question also looms large over the bilateral relationship between the two countries. India has given shelter to the Dalai Lama and exiled Tibetans, though it has accorded official recognition to Tibet as a part of China. India’s relationships with nations such as the US are also receiving scrutiny by an ambitious China. Pakistan has been a bone of contention between India and China on several occasions.

The key to overcoming the hurdle of Pakistan is to focus on building economic ties with China. India and China are the two largest markets for companies across the world. But mutual partnerships between the companies in both these nations can serve to be a further advantage if India and China want to leverage the consumerism that has grown by leaps and bounds in present times.

Apart from reciprocal protection of investment, economic cooperation between the two countries is imperative for the growth of both.

• Bilateral trade to the tune of billions of dollars has propelled Indo-China economic ties to develop further. The question remains as to whether this is enough to overcome the Sino-Pakistan alliance that is proving unsettling for New Delhi.

• Indian diplomats should focus on maintaining an objective viewpoint while interacting with the Chinese officials. The aim should be to maximize the profits and encourage knowledge transfer from China to India. Keeping a close eye on further developments between China and Pakistan is also vital.


India should look out for the competition that is inevitable between its economy and that of China’s. The goal should be to eliminate rivalry by promoting strategic partnerships. India and China cannot ignore the vast economic benefits that would accrue to both nations as a result of good trade ties and a healthy bilateral relationship.

Our diplomats will have to work towards formulating a foreign policy that has a realistic and pragmatic view of the current situation while capitalizing on profitable economic ties.

The direction of further developments in Sino-Pakistan relations should be closely monitored by New Delhi in the coming years.
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  • China's relations with India vis-a-vis Pakistan -Lubna Lakdawala (04/02/14)
  • China's relations with India vis-a-vis Pakistan

    India’s, China’s and Pakistan’s relations with each other have always been much talked about. The three of them have a unique quality about them. Among the three India is the most influential and developing country, China is formidable for its communist power, whereas Pakistan is one of the strongest Islamic countries in the world.

    Being neighboring countries it is important for them to help each other in order to emerge stronger. To appear powerful to the world, it is necessary for them to maintain good relations with each other on economic as well as political level.

    In the Past China and Pakistan, have a history of hostility with India. Since India’s partition and the birth of Pakistan, India and Pakistan have rarely interacted in a friendly political manner. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, India and China had very decent and respectable friendly relations. Nevertheless, border disputes, reciprocal distrust have affected their relation. Given their inharmonious relationships between India and Pakistan, it was natural for China to develop a natural alliance with Pakistan.

    Over the years China and Pakistan have strategically collaborated for armed weapons for Pakistan. China has also helped Pakistan build roads and develop better infrastructure. China has played an important part in developing Pakistan’s economy. But it is often argued that that even China does not have an instant solution for the Pakistani economy and its energy crisis. But China-Pakistani ties are not as warm now as they used to be. China’s relationship with Pakistan relationship is based on mutual conviction and support.

    India has always had a grudge over China’s good relations with Pakistan. But In comparison, to China’s relations with Pakistan, relations between China and India have improved over the past years. India and china are emerging economies of the world due to their neighboring positions the two have shared a lot of business. It seems as if they have overcome their past disputes.

    In order to maintain a peaceful external environment, China has to maintain good relations with India as well as Pakistan. If China becomes a mutual friend to both India and Pakistan, it will contribute greatly external peace and harmony. This will in turn beneficial for India as well.