Citicorp Placement Papers - Aptitude Questions

Citicorp Placement Papers - Aptitude Questions

Q. Two third of 15 miles distance was traveled with a speed of 40mph while remaining distance was covered with a speed of 60mph. calculate the total time taken to complete the distance.

Q. A man takes a walk from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and from 9 am to 12 noon on Saturday. Everyday he takes a break of 45min. Calculate the total time for which the man walks in a week.

Q. If it takes a time of 1/8th second to complete 12 revolutions, calculate the number of revolutions covered in 20 seconds.

Q. A starts walking at a speed of 6mph at 9 am and B starts walking at 8mph at 9:30 am in the same direction. Find the time at which they are going to meet.

Q. How many bricks of size 2*1*1 inch may be stored in a box of 5*3*2 inches?

Q. In an organization, 3/5th of the people drink tea, 1/4th of the people drink coffee and 1/5th drink both of them. What fraction of people does not drink ether tea or coffee?

Q. A man sells 2100 bikes of Rs 500 each. Calculate the number of bikes, of Rs 14000 each, he can purchase with the total amount he received.

Q. In a group of five people A, B, C, D and E,

a) A and C know Mathematics and English
b) B and C know English and General Knowledge
c) E and D know Algebra and IQ
d) E knows IQ, Mathematics and Algebra
e) B and D know Algebra and General Knowledge.

1) Who knows English, Algebra and General Knowledge?
2) Who knows English and Mathematics but not General Knowledge?
3) Who knows Algebra, General Knowledge and IQ?
4) Who knows English, General Knowledge and Mathematics
5) Who knows Algebra, Mathematics and IQ?

Q. Five people A, B, C, D, E are travelling in a car. There are two ladies in the group, and among those, only one knows driving. A is the brother of D and B is the wife of D. D arrives in the beginning while E drives at the end.

a) Name the pair of brothers.
b) Name the other lady in the group.
c) What is the relation between E and A.
d) In the case of which of the pairs, no relationship can be established with the other person in the group

Q. Out of 60 pens, 40 pens are sold out. Calculate the total percentage of pens left.

a) 30%
b) 33.33%
c) 25%
d) 35%

Q. Calculate the time required to evaluate 100 registers of 50 pages each such that it takes 1 hour to evaluate 1000 pages.
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  • Sorry. For what post was this test conducted ?
  • RE: Citicorp Placement Papers - Aptitude Questions -Rahul (10/27/14)
  • For what was this test conducted ?