Classification of instruction operations - 8086

Briefly explain how instruction operations in 8086 can be classified.

The arithmetic operations in the 8086 can be categorized as follows:

- Data transfer instructions: These types of instructions involve transfer data using commands such as MOV etc.

- Arithmetic instructions: As their name suggest these instructions are used to perform arithmetic operations for ex. ADD, SUB etc.

- Logic instructions: Performs special logical gate operations ex NOT OPR etc.

- Shift instructions: Used for shift operations in special conditions ex. SHL, SHR.

- Rotate instructions: They are used to rotate left, right ex. ROL, ROR.

- Flag control instructions: They are used to configure the various flags such as: STC, CLC, CMC, STD etc.

- Compare instructions: As their name suggests they are used to perform compare operations

- Jump instructions: Used to perform the Jump Operations

- Subroutines and subroutine handling instructions: Primarily are used for interrupt handlings ex. IRET, INT etc.

- Loop and loop handling instructions: Used to handle loop operations

- Strings and string handling instructions: Performed solely on strings.
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