Classrooms in this technical age are irrelevant

Classrooms in this technical age are irrelevant

Technology is ruling the present world. Whether it is entertainment, work or studies, the use of technology cannot be ruled out in any sector. It has become the driving force to make things better. In the world, where everything is digital with online seminars, web conferences then do education needs to be restricted in the brick and mortar classes. It is the prime question that is to be discussed today. Have classrooms become irrelevant in this technical age?


• When the teaching and learning process can be conducted through the web by using the learning management system then where the need for classroom is left?

• The technology has made it possible to arrange the online classes on most of the technical devices.

• Technology is the effective medium through which any place can be made classroom and the classes can be scheduled any time at any place.

• The educational institutes as well as the corporate world don’t need to spend money on getting the extra infrastructure for arranging the classes.

• Students have become more tech savvy and find it easy and flexible to get the online classes that save them time and costs.


• When the teachers are present and boundaries are there, then students avoid the learning. How will they take it without any boundaries?

• Classrooms are the second name for the systematic learning where many other things are taught apart from the theoretical knowledge.

• The online classrooms cannot provide the experience of direct and face to face communication with the teachers.

• Technology doesn’t come easy and demands a huge cost in to get the learning modes and tech-devices.

• Classrooms are the meeting point of the students where they learn communicate with each other, interact with each other and feel like social beings.


Technology should be treated as the mode to challenge the passiveness of outdated things. It is good to use the technology but it is worst to marry the technology. It is the same case with the classrooms. In the technical world, online classes have become a part of the education but that doesn’t means that classrooms have become irrelevant.
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  • RE: Classrooms in this technical age are irrelevant -Deepa Kaushik (06/21/14)
  • The classroom learning can never be replaced by any technology ever. The classrooms are not just a vacant space providing a teaching area, but it has much relevance over this small point. The classroom is a place where a child learns the principles of discipline, social interaction, communication, inter-personal relations etc.

    Classrooms help to grow the personality of a child. It is the place where every child could gain focus with respect to their field of interest and gets encouragement in the form of appreciation before many others. It is the key features which attract the child to grow their talent further and shine as a star in the future.

    Classrooms do require the infrastructure, but it is not more than the hi-tech technological applications. In a developing nation like India, where many kids are devoid of their basic education due to lack of money, the technology is not going to help spreading education to the masses. More importantly, not every parent is tech savvy, and they would not be able to track their kid’s study report through the online classes.

    With as many points in favour of technology, still the traditional way of classroom teaching will win the debate especially in a developing nation like ours.