Climate Change - a matter of real concern or an over hype

Should we be actually alarmed about climate change or is it just an over-hyped affair?

Torrential rains, flash floods, extremely dry summers and heavy snow are just some of the possible effects of climate change. The average world temperature has been rising by 0.2 degrees since the last century.

The hype surrounding climate change since the last two decades is getting more and more evident through the number of catastrophic disasters over the last decade or so. Hurricane Katrina, Typhoon Haiyan, Bhuj earthquake, torrential rains in Uttarakhand in India, Tsunami in Andaman and Indonesia in 2005, the Mumbai rains of 2006, extreme snowfall in USA this year amongst others are just some of the myriad catastrophes that have wreaked havoc and resulted in death of millions of lives along with irreparable damage.

Catastrophes have been a part of human lives since the very beginning. However, the frequency and magnitude of these disasters has been giving sleepless nights to geologists, environmentalists and governments across the world.

The rising human population with steady depletion of resources along with stupendous increase in pollution levels is all leading to climate change. Many companies as well as government have realized the impending dangers that may result in future if sufficient things are not done now. The switch from non-renewable energy to renewable sources of energy is an attempt to reduce the pollution which happens due to coal-fired power plants. Also, electric-powered vehicles as well as new technologies are being introduced for not just removing dependency on fossil fuels but also lower pollution caused by cars.

There have already been multiple warnings of extreme weather due to climate change already. It was recently estimated that thirteen of the 14 warmest years have occurred in the 21st century.

The risks as well as overall impact of climate change is not just limited to melting ice, rise in sea levels or threatened animals and plants, it would bring worse issues such as disease, drought, wars and flooding.

Most of the climate change has been human-induced and has occurred only in the last two centuries after the industrial revolution. It is not possible to stop nature’s fury but in order to reduce the frequency as well as its possible effects, governments across the world would need to work together and quickly so that the objective of restoring balance is met soon. So, yes this is definitely something that we need to be alarmed and concerned about.
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  • Climate Change - a matter of real concern or an over hype -Rishika Jalan (04/01/14)
  • Should we be actually alarmed about climate change or is it just an over-hyped affair?

    Climate change plays a very vital role in all our lives. It has a profound effect on our daily life and it can either make life easy or difficult for us. Off late we have witnessed that there has been an increase in the climatic change levels and it is causing adverse impacts on our lives. The predictions and forecast of scientists, decades ago are being proved true now. If a serious check is not make made upon this issue immediately, then it will continue to harm not only human life but also wildlife and the environment like the way it is now.

    People have become so blind towards making money that they have forgotten their responsibilities towards their ecology. Nations throughout the world are busy developing their economies, but fail to realize that unless their ecology is safe and sound, a developed nation will be of no use. Climatic changes will haunt people and lives will be ruined.

    Because of human activities most of the climatic changes occur. One of the main and most important cause behind these erratic changes is global warming. This phenomenon refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface and atmosphere. The major reasons behind this are the emission of greenhouse gases released due to human activities or the burning of fossil fuels which increase the concentration level of the pollutant content. Because of this the increase in the temperature of the earth has doubled more than twice in the last 50 years and still continues. Some major adverse effects of this have already been witnessed in Europe and worldwide, and the effects will intensify if not checked at the right time.

    Rising sea levels and melting ice caps

    Due to warming of the earth’s oceans, the polar ice caps are melting drastically and the glaciers have also started shrinking. Because of this deadly combination the sea levels are rising and will soon be a threat to the low lying areas and islands.

    Extreme weather conditions

    Due to erratic climatic changes, the weathers conditions are becoming worse. Droughts, heavy rainfall, snow, heat waves, storms are becoming more frequent by day, damaging both human and wild life.

    There has also been a shift in the rainfall pattern. Some parts of Europe are getting wetter while others are becoming more prone to droughts.

    These climatic changes are directly affecting the human life. Sectors dependant on temperature are most affected like the agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and tourism. The society and infrastructure is adversely affected too. Flooding in the EU killed more than 2500 people over the period of 1980-2011 and caused major economic losses.

    If we immediately don’t pay heed to this matter and consider it to be an over hyped issue, then our future generations will not be able to survive and the climatic changes will destroy the entire planet.