Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment

Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment

Question: Currently, artificial rain making techniques associated with cloud seeding cannot be used for bringing rain clouds to rainfall deficit/drought areas. Provide the overview of the CAPIEEX or Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment in this context.

- The Earth System Science Organisation-Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology is making an effort to comprehend ran formation in clouds through CAIPEEX

- CAIPEEX involves study of cloud microphysical characteristics through the research programme

- CAIPEEX has contributed to close to 800 hours of intense observations concerning instrumented aircraft, radars and other surface based instruments

- These scientific observations have yielded deeper understanding of characteristics of monsoon clouds and interaction effects between cloud and aerosols

- Key role of dust aerosol(pollutant) on cloud and rain processes over the Indian monsoon region was also discovered through CAIPEEX

- These observations are also being used for improving the representation and characterisation of clouds in weather and climate models

- 23 randomised seeding experiments have been carried out through flares and fine grained salt powder following WMO recommendations

Facts and Stats

The objectives of the CAIPEEX are as follows

- To understand the role of aerosols in the rainfall processes in the clouds

- To carry out cloud seeding experiments in research mode for rain enhancements using modern, advanced techniques.

Modern techniques used in CAIPEEX include the following :

- Hired instrumented aircraft for measuring the atmospheric state parameters, aerosols and cloud microphysical parameters equipped for seeding by flares and salt powder,

- Radar for monitoring the potential clouds,

- Pilot to ground connectivity and internet connectivity for real time transfer of data,

- Half hourly INSAT satellite data, weather data from IMD sites

- High resolution weather models for the forecasting etc., were used in the program.
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