Cluster Development Programme for the Pharma Sector/CDP-PS: Benefits

Cluster Development Programme for the Pharma Sector/CDP-PS: Benefits

Question: The Cluster Development Programme for the Pharma Sector(CDP-PS) has been formally launched recently. Discuss how this will benefit the pharmaceutical sector.

• The Cluster Development Programme for the Pharma Sector has been officially launched recently

• Programme will support the pharma industry to become capable, competitive and productive

• For the common man, availability, affordability and quality of medication is important and the CDP-PS will improve the health security of the country

• Clusters will ensure effective resting, training and affluent treatment facilities for the pharma industry

• CDP-PS will be implemented through PPP format

• Private sector will play a leading role in production of generic medication to help in holistic expansion

• It will also enhance competitiveness, easy access to standard testing facilities and value addition in the national pharmaceutical industry for SMEs especially through creation of world class facilities

• The existing infrastructure will also be strengthened to make the industry a leader in pharma exports

• The cost of production will be reduced by close to 20% in the clusters resulting in better availability and affordability of medicines in the national market

• The scheme will also assist the industry to meet the requirements of standards of the environment through innovative common waste management at low cost

• The scheme will also promote benefits arising on account of resource optimisation and economies of scale

Facts and Stats

• Towards the close of the financial year, 6 pharma sectors are likely to come up

• 3 of these will be green fields

• GoI will also come up with Bulk Drugs Parks

• Medical Devices Parks will also be established as part of CDP-PS

• Pharma industry is likely to grow by 14 to 15 percent per year and touch the figure of 4 lakh crore by 2020 according to some estimates

• INR 125 crores has been earmarked for CDP-PS in the 12th five year plan.
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