CMC technical placement papers

CMC technical placement papers

Q. What is NFS? What is NFS daemon process?

Q. What is BIOS? How does it work?

Q. What is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol? Draw and explain the architecture of RPC.

Q. What do you understand by Database Normalization?

Q. What does Polymorphism mean? What are the different types of Polymorphism?

Q. What do you mean by Virtualisation? What is Hardware Virtualisation?

Q. What is a Database Index?

Q. In CPU Scheduling, which of the Pre Emptive or Non Pre Emptive Scheduling is preferred? Why?

Q. What do u understand by Daemon process?

Q. What is Huffman Coding? Explain with an example.

Q. What is the purpose of fork system?

Q. The Encryption and Decryption of data is done in which of the OSI model?

a) Application
b) Physical
c) Presentation
d) Transportation

Q. TCP-UDP layer refers to which of the layers in the OSI model?

a) Application
b) Physical
c) Presentation
d) Transportation

Q. Which of these is platform independent?

c) C

Q. What does TCP-UDP stands for?

Q. How are the common data structures such as List, Map and Stack are implemented in JAVA?

Q. What is the command used for checking file system in UNIX?

Q. When does an Interrupt Service Routine Occur?

a) after the completion of the current process
b) when the interrupt occurs
c) when it is called

Q. What is the command used for checking file system in UNIX?

Q. What is the advantage of a transformer used as a coupler?

Q. What is the usage of echo command?

Q. What is Lexical Analysis?

Q. What is the structure of a compiler?

Q. How are Databases different from Data ware houses?

Q. How is a digital signal processor different from a generic Intel processor?

Q. Draw the memory architecture of a Digital signal Processor.

Q. What is a virtual memory?

Q. What is a View used for?

Q. Draw the block diagram of Intel processor 8088.

Q. What is the concept of a dirty bit?

Q. What is the need of an Operating System?

Q. How are the priorities set in a system?

Q. How is the memory allocation done to a process in a multi processing environment?

Q. What is Denormalisation in Data warehousing and Data mining?

Q. What is Line Algorithm?

Q. What is the first form of Normalisation?

Q. what do you understand by a Histogram Equalisation?

Q. What is Multiprocessing?

Q. What do you understand by a Deadlock? Explain with a real life example of deadlock

Q. How many Data lines and address lines are present in a INTEL 8088?

Q. What types of errors are detected by a compiler?

Q. How are Hub, router, Switch and Bridges different from each other? What are their specific uses?

Q. What are memory mapped files?

Q. When and how do we get Segmentation Fault?

Q. What is a re entrant code?

Q. For any given base address of an array, how will you calculate the address of the given element?

Q. What is the purpose of CRC Polynomials?

Q. What is a static variable? Give an example of a local static variable.

Q. State the differences between a local variable and a global variable? Mention how differently they are stored.

Q. What is the difference between HTML and XML? What is XML based on?

Q. What are the different network topologies?

Q. What is Thrashing?

Q. What is Binary Tree? What are inorder, preorder and post order in a binary tree?

Q. What happens when a computer is switched on?

Q. What is Demand Paging?

Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Object Oriented Programming languages such as C++?

Q. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Q. What is JVM and is it platform independent?

Q. How is recursion better than iteration?

Q. How is the organization of file system done in Linux?

Q. What is an Embedded system?

Q. What is a UART?

Q. Is it possible to connect two or more number of LANs using a bridge?

Q. What is the meaning of extending a class in JAVA?

Q. What is a circular queue? How is a circular queue advantageous over a normal queue?

Q. What is Encapsulation?

Q. What is the main difference between C++ and JAVA?

Q. The Top to down approach is used for

a) Proper planning
b) Coding
c) Skipping errors
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