Cognizant Campus Placement Process

Cognizant Campus Placement Process

Cognizant headquartered in New Jersey (U.S.), is one of the leading companies globally to offer information technology, consulting and business outsourcing services. Cognizant has consistently ranked on Fortunes list of World’s fastest growing companies and being the most admired one as well.

Cognizant continues to attract top talent and has a diverse workforce around the world. It is the first IT Company with a huge Indian base to be listed on NASSDAQ. It also boasts numerous industry standard process certifications such as BS 7799, SEI-CMMi Level 5 and P-CMM 5.

Cognizant gets a huge number of applicants via on-campus recruitment drive. To recruit the best candidates, candidates go through an interview process. Also candidates have to meet the eligibility criteria before they can apply for any suitable openings as posted from time to time.

The selection process starts off with an aptitude test. The aptitude test usually is a combination of numerical reasoning, situational judgement, verbal reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning. Limited time is given to the candidate to complete the aptitude test. Successful candidates move on to the technical round.

The technical round is where the candidate is questioned about the final year project that they have developed. Questions related to the project, the technology involved are asked. The candidate may be asked about his\her area of interest and accordingly the technical questions would be given. For E.g. the interviewer may ask you to make a list of subjects that you are comfortable with 5 being the weakest one. After this, questions will be given and you will qualify for the final round if you meet the mark.

After the technical interview, the HR interview process is the final selection round. Candidates are asked general questions to gauge their stability, area of interest, flexibility etc. Questions like “Are you ok with relocation?” “Are you ready to extend your work hours if the project needs it?” “Why do you want to work for Cognizant” “What are your long term goals?” are one of the most asked questions. Candidates are expected to be prepared beforehand as it helps them confidently answer such questions.

After successfully completing the HR round, the candidate is informed about the result of the interview.
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  • how u will filter the candidate? based on time taken or based on the correct answers they have attend.?