Competition In Schools should Be Moderated

Competition In Schools should Be Moderated

Schools are considered as the second home for children. It is the place where they start journey towards a competitive life. Children make friends and for the first time even make competitors in their life. They might not understand competition but the atmosphere built by schools automatically forces them into competition. In the present world, it has become all the more fierce and intense. It seems as it is a high time when school authorities should take some steps to control the nature of competition. So, what is your opinion on matter- Should competition be moderated in schools?


• All children are not same and those who are passive in nature cannot take up the competition. As a result, their performance suffers.

• Competition leads to success or failure. However, children are unable to understand it and therefore, can feel diffident after repeated failures.

• A fish and a bird cannot compete as they have different strengths, and it is the same case with the students.

• Achievement should be the key criteria in the schools. However, competition hinders the spirit of children to achieve their objectives in their favorite fields.

• In simple terms competition is stress and stress at a younger age is in no way physically or psychology healthy for children.


• Competition is a part of life, and whether the school or children want it or not, it will always exist. No one can moderate or control competition.

• It is the responsibility of schools and teachers to explain children the meaning of healthy competition.

• A problem delayed is not a problem solved. Schools can keep children away from competition from some time but sooner or later children have to face it.

• Competition is one of the finest ways to track performance. Only a serious competition can make children understand value of hard work that leads to success.

• Schools can moderate the competition existing outside, but how can they control the competition that children face internally in their mind?


Competition is here in the world to stay. And no one can ignore it or avoid it. The best thing that schools can do is to make children understand the right significance of competition. They are the ones who can set a new definition of competition. As a matter of fact, competition is always healthy, irrespective of the fact that it is moderate or fierce. Only the perspective to see it causes behavioral problems in students.
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  • RE: Competition In Schools should Be Moderated -Sunny (09/19/14)
  • Competition is the way of life. In schools as well, competition plays a major role in shaping up the personality of the students. However, too much of it is bad. It often leads up to students getting involved into all kind of wrong things just for the sake of winning. Competition in schools must be moderated so that healthy competition persists among the students. This will help to enhance the skill and talent of the students to a great extent. The students will be motivated to win the competition in the right spirit without deploying any kind of false practices.
  • RE: Competition In Schools should Be Moderated -Deepa Kaushik (09/18/14)
  • Schools and competitions go hand-in-hand. Among the various aspects that a child learns from the school, competition is one of them. In fact we can call the competition spirit as the most important aspect that a child learns in his early phase of student life.

    Competition is one important element of life that cannot be ruled out. In order to have a balanced equation of life, it is the nature’s play to pick the survival of the fittest. And every survival calls up for the competition to live. The term competition is an inherited tendency, not only in the humans but all the living organisms. So, the topic here starts with how far this competition should be maintained to live the same in good spirits.

    The world has grown to the aggressive competition, where people live a do or die situation at every moment of their life. So is the same pace followed right from the schooling. Schools have started preparing students as if they are confronting a war situation and exams centres seem more like a war-ground, with students as the soldiers and their books as their weapons. We can find students forcing themselves to remember every word of their text-book, though they might not understand the practical implication of even a single term. This situation has led students to unnecessary physiological and behavioural malfunctioning.

    The high stress that we find today starting up in the teens and early 20s are a gift of the schools to their students. The severe degree of competition starts within the class, school, interschool and then the interstate level and so on. Competition does not only limits to the studies but it spreads its fangs to all the hobbies of a child viz. painting, music, games etc. etc. the urge to win makes the child more stressed and gradually the ability to succeed falls down. Also, some children start developing the fear of failure which becomes the first step towards the further failures in their life. This physical and mental stress leads to diseases at an early age.

    Schools definitely have the key to balance this phenomenon. Students did perform well in the past. This aggression hasn’t added any benefit, instead have started turning down the talented children making them incapable to face the world with confidence. If the schools try to impart the knowledge and let the children come up with their cup of tea, that could be the best way to groom up a child. Every child is different with their talent and capabilities. It is not possible to succeed in every aspect of life. Hence, the competitions should definitely be moderated right from the school level to visualize better performances in the young age.
  • RE: Competition In Schools should Be Moderated -D.Harish Kumar (09/18/14)
  • But in future, i hope, the competition can be moderated. With advancements in psychology and data analytics its not far away