Core subjects, further studies options and job profile for mechatronics engineering

I want to have a detailed description as to what will be the core subjects, further studies option and job profile be like for mechatronics engineering.

It’s important to know what mechatronics engineering is as a course. It’s a complex branch of engineering as it integrates the standard fields of mechanical, electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science/information technology. As the name goes, mechatronics is basically the studies of machines, electronics, computing, control engineering, molecular engineering and optical engineering. The term mechatronics was coined from mechanics and electronics as its application area ranges from machines to electrical systems. Mechatronics engineers design and implement mechanical devices that combine mechanics, software design and electronics.

The core subjects of mechatronics engineering include mechanical engineering and materials science, electronic engineering, computer engineering, computer science, systems and control engineering, optomechanics and robotics. Apart from these courses there are other courses that go into making of mechatronics. Its main focus is on both the application and the theoretical perspectives associated with the branch of engineering. Secondary subjects include mathematics, mechanics, thermo dynamics, circuit system, electronics and communication, mechanical designing, power engineering, etc.

There are various options for further studies in this field. You can go for M.Tech followed by research after you have done your B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering. After you have completed your studies there are various job profiles that you can opt for, such as robotics technicians, robotics test engineers, robotics systems engineer, robotics specialists, analysts, etc. A well trained graduate in this field of mechatronics can fulfil all needs of the technical industry.
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  • i'm dipolma 6th sem study so after i was confused so hint for carrier in this field plz