Countering Terrorism in India: Obstacles and Milestones

Countering Terrorism in India: Obstacles and Milestones

Question: Terrorism is a constant threat for developed as well as developing nations. Discuss how far India has successfully combated terrorism and the extent to which obstacles lie in the path of this.


• India is a soft target for militants from within and without. According to a US counter terrorism report, more than 400 persons died in terror attacks in 2013 from which 200 deaths were from Maoist attacks

• India still relies on outdated laws such asUnlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (1967), the SAARC Convention on Suppression of Terrorism Act (1993) etc

• National Counterterrorism Centre failed to come up

• Illegal migration from Pakistan and Bangladesh continues

• Terrorists backed by neighbouring nations find targets in India

• Drug money continues to be used for terror financing

• India has porous maritime borders

• Procedures are not in place to freeze assets of terror suspects

• Social media continues to be used for terror activities

• There is lack of inter agency coordination at centre and state level

• Whistleblowers are not protected adequately by intelligence agencies

• LWE continues to grow unabated without policies in place to tackle them


• The Centre has planned a National Intelligence Grid/NATGRID for intelligence related databases in different ministries and departments
• Multi agency centre for gathering and sharing intelligence was developed

• A treaty was signed for Information exchange for aviation security with the US

• Prevention of Money Laundering Act was passed in 2012. India has become member of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering

• Criminalisation of terror financing has paved the way for swiftly apprehending militants

• Neighbouring countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh have assisted India in nabbing terrorists

• A Surrender cum Rehab scheme is in place for naxals and extremists

Facts and Stats

• 26/11 was the most heinous terror attack on Indian soil

• India is one of the top 5 terror hit nations in the world

• 12th March 1993 Serial Bomb blast was another deadly terror attack. This was one of the first terror attacks on Indian soil which resulted in mass casualties.
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